Taro – Work with Excel, Word and PDF files in Julia

Taro is a utility belt of functions to work with document files in Julia. It uses Apache Tika, Apache POI and Apache FOP (via JavaCall) to work with Word, Excel and PDF files.

Package Features

  • Extract raw text from Word, Excel, PDF files
  • Extract tabular data from Excel files into a DataFrame (readxl, like readtable)
  • API to read and write Excel files from Julia
  • Convert xsl-fo files to PDFs for automated report generation


julia> Pkg.add("Taro")

On installation, the tika-app-1.4.jar file will be downloaded from Maven Central and fop-2.0 will be downloaded from an Apache mirror.


Before calling any function within this package, the init() method must be called. This will set up the correct classpath, and initialise the JVM.

 using Taro